October 11, 2016

File Copy over Session improvements! :)

Grumpy Admin here (again),

Doesn’t it make you grumpy, that you write a blog post, then directly after you publish it you actually find a better way of doing something you mention in the blog post.

Well we all learn stuff don’t we… Finding a better way of doing stuff is what this always about!

Little did I know that in WMF 5.0 which is installed in Windows 10 and Server 2016 etc, Microsoft now support the copying of files over a session.




So I can create a session variable

like this

$session = new-pssession -computername nano01 -credential (get-credentials)


and then I can simple supply the session as part of the destination


copy-item .\nano01 -destination "c:\temp" -ToSession $session


How much simpler is that, than all that messing around, with file shares, and firewalls and stuff – Goes to show, Grumpy Admin learns new stuff all the time as well!

So here are some screenshots on how to improve my method of domain joining a nano server!


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