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Cyber Humanity

Cyber Humanity | The Podcast from Immersive Labs
Our weekly podcast is all about the human side of cybersecurity – with a healthy dose of tech thrown in. From social engineering to hacker motivations and everything in between, we take a look at that all-important and often overlooked part of cyber: the human behind the screen.

Bsides London 2015: RATs and IOC's - The Easy Way

Bsides London 2015: DarkComet From Defence To Offence - Identify your Attacker

Bsides Cheltenham 2020: Hunting Pastebin For Fun And For Profit

Anatomy of a Citrix Hack: Hands-on with Understanding, Detecting and Red Teaming this Exploit

Webinar: Cyber Nightmare Before Christmas

Webinar: Experience Sunburst Firsthand with the Experts

Webinar: Too Close to the Sunburst - A Supply Chain Compromise

Anatomy of a Hack: Hands-on Red Teaming - “Zerologon” Netlogon Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability