September 6, 2014

New Home For My Blog

Just a quick blog post for the reasoning behind moving my blog. There were several reasons for the move, the main one being the relocation to the domain. The techanarchy blog is the creation of Kev who i am lucky to call a friend and have learned a great deal from in the time I have known him. I don’t say it enough but thanks Kev!

The techanarchy blog on his side revolves mainly around his passion for researching malware and all the dark areas that surround it. You may recall from my first blog post that he was one of the main reasons I started blogging, so because it’s his fault I have decided to punish him by moving my blog to his domain!

One of the other reasons is that the WordPress environment offers a lot more to a blogger, also due to the ease of putting the posts together allows me more time on the research side, which is what we are all here for after all…….to learn!

I decided it was better to make the move now whilst my blog is still quite new. I don’t plan on moving again though as it was a lot of work but I think worth the effort. Thanks again to Kev for welcoming me to techanarchy and thanks to anyone who follows my blog.